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Priori-tea is a tea-making robot on a spaceship full of tea-lovers. Or at least, they used to love tea. No one has ordered tea in a while and Priori-tea is starting to doubt. . .

Priorities is a text-based interactive fiction game with 9 possible endings.

Priorities is a game about a robot's journey to self awareness. The gameplay mirrors this journey with three unique levels of free will. In the beginning, players have no choices. Then they are given artificial choices that lead to the same outcome. Finally, players are given real choices that will lead Priori-tea to one of nine different endings.

Included as a special Itch.io bonus is the original short story the game was based on. I'd recommend playing the game first, as I genuinely believe that the story ultimately worked better in interactive format. However, there was one cool thing I could do through a third-person narrative that just didn't work in a second-person interactive fiction story. See if you can spot what I'm talking about!

This game was created through Inklewriter and is played online. When you click "download" on the game file it will open the game in your browser

Cover image by Natalie Snow.


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How can I get this on Android? I can't find it on Google Play

hi! by curiosity, do you have a text document with the all 9 endings?