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M-PTH-Y is a single-player RPG about a war mech becoming an independent being after suffering a loss.

You are War Unit 7683.

What is a War Unit?

It’s a mech. A humanoid machine of war, designed to be operated by a single pilot.

When you were created you were installed with a state-of-the-art M-PTH chip, an M-PTH-Y. At the time, it was considered far more advanced than the M-PTH-X chips, although now it’s considered obsolete compared to the M-PTH-Z chips.

What does an M-PTH chip do?

It allows you to feel the emotions of your pilot. Everything she feels, you feel. This allows you to operate at peak efficiency, even in moments of high stress, such as during battle.

Your pilot has died.

In theory, when a pilot dies, their War Unit should also cease to function.

But you are still functioning.

And your M-PTH chip is still functioning.

But it’s not functioning correctly.


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